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What To Do Now Dynamics 365 Dialogs Are Being Deprecated

In 2017 Microsoft announced its list of depreciated features, this included MS Dialogs, a key piece of functionality for many businesses.

This change has left many organisations looking for a viable, proven solution. While the deprecated features page offers alternatives these are unlikely to be a perfect fit for everybody.

A large number of 365/CRM users have invested heavily in MS Dialogs and now they are being deprecated there is no alternative but to reproduce this functionality to ensure that systems continue as they should.

There is no easy way to do this but an attractive alternative could be TKDialogs and for a number of reasons:

  • By using our graphical design tool the process of reworking existing Dialogs is so much quicker and easier

  • This rework process provides an opportunity to extend and enhance the existing functionality, as through TKDialogs you are no longer tied to a single entity and you can link to other data sources. Furthermore, there is no restriction on how many tiers of TKDialogs you can have, so you can quickly build very complex processes

  • The user experience can be significantly enhanced through TKDialogs, thus encouraging better user adoption

  • By using TKDialogs you have an opportunity to deploy the same process both for users within the organisation and externally for self-service

There are other benefits that can be accrued but the most important thing is to have a replacement strategy for existing MS Dialogs and TKDialogs can fulfil that.

To find out more about how TKDialogs can help your business contact us today for a demonstration.

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