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TKDialogs Launches v.5.9 With Many Exciting Features

TKDialogs is a solution that enables users to create and deploy custom user interfaces for contact centres and self-service websites.Version 5.9 features many additional features on both the Dialog Builder and the Dialog Player that originated from customer feedback and organic development of the software, along with minor bug fixes. These enhancements aim to increase both ease of use and user engagement compared to previous versions.

Firstly, there is a new text editor in Dialog Builder, which provides more functionality than the previous version. New “business rules” feature has been added to provide client-side functionality such as show/hide fields and set/clear values without having to write JavaScript code.

Secondly, a new card type of list has been added. This provides a single or multi-select array of cards (tiles), which can be populated from actions; for example, to display a set of contact cards or appointment slots.
Furthermore, the user interface now uses an updated version of the bootstrap and jQuery components, which improves the page layout. The layout of list items is now defined in a Display Template property, which provides more flexible formatting.

The dataname browser has a new search feature with type-ahead to simplify dialog development. In this latest version, it is possible to change the relative widths of the columns in a grid. There is a new input type to embed a Google reCAPTCHA widget on a dialog page to help protect externally-facing dialogs from spam and abuse. Single-select lists of type checkbox have been programmed to return all output parameters mapped to datanames, in the same way as radio and dropdown lists.

TKDialogs v.5.9 supports sameSite cookie attributes that are required for recent browser updates. When it is configured for Windows or Federated authentication, the calculation of concurrent user sessions has been improved. This is to avoid incorrectly exceeding the number of user licences at shift changes.

Display templates for list type inputs now supports multi-language. And finally, the actions have been upgraded to use the latest Dynamics SDK to ensure continued compatibility with the latest Dynamics 365 release and all earlier versions back to CRM 2011.

“We listened to our client-base and were able to fulfil a large percentage of their requests for the new version. A new advanced developer feature has been added that enables TKDialogs actions to be called from client-side JavaScript code. This can be used to make dialog pages more dynamic; for example, querying data from Dynamics 365 without having to submit the page.”
Jimit Ndiaye, Lead Developer, TKDialogs

To upgrade to TKDialogs v.5.9 or to find out more about TKDialogs, please contact or call us on +44 (0)333 444 3210.

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