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TKDialogs Launches v.5.10 With Many Exciting Features

TKDialogs is an easy-to-use process scripting tool which can be integrated with CRM to help users to deliver a consistent and improved customer experience by reducing resolution times and ensuring CRM adoption.  TKDialogs has a simple flowchart designer so Dialogs can be quickly and easily created and deployed using your own call scripts and processes.  They can be created and used by non-IT personnel and they require no coding skills.  TKDialogs can be deployed quickly across multiple devices and channels and all data is presented in a single user interface.

TKDialogs version 5.10 provides new functionality where a breadcrumb trail can be displayed at the top of each page so users can easily navigate between the different pages of a Dialog to provide an improved experience and reduce resolution times.

Version 5.10 provides users with the ability to display a dialog network diagram, this will provide users with a list of which dialogs are connected to the currently open dialog, providing an overview of the entire dialog process.  This will ensure an improved experience as users will be able to identify any incomplete Dialogs quickly and easily.

There is now a new usage reporting feature available within TKDialogs which produces a report of how the dialogs are being used.  The reports can be filtered by date range and include summary information such as the total number of sessions started the number of sessions abandoned and the average session duration.  It is also possible to drill into individual session data to help you understand both the performance of your Dialogs and of the individuals using TKDialogs.

To simplify the TKDialogs software upgrade process there is a brand-new database software upgrade option available.  This provides the ability to upgrade databases from earlier versions rather than having to create new databases.  This reduces the amount of time required to upgrade your TKDialogs environments whilst ensuring that you have the latest functionality available. 

Finally, TKDialogs now supports the new Microsoft Dynamics URS scheduling functionality.  Please note: The legacy scheduling is still supported.

“We listened to our client-base and were able to fulfil a large percentage of their requests for the new version. A new advanced developer feature has been added that enables TKDialogs actions to be called from client-side JavaScript code. This can be used to make dialog pages more dynamic; for example, querying data from Dynamics 365 without having to submit the page.”
Jimit Ndiaye, Lead Developer, TKDialogs

To upgrade to TKDialogs v.5.10 or to find out more about TKDialogs, please contact or call us on +44 (0)333 444 3210.

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