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Tower Insurance

TOWER insurance manages its sales and lead information in Dynamics CRM 4.0. This includes the creation of lead details, basic product selection and follows ups. This is then integrated with QWEST, an in-house product selection and quoting tool. The quote and sale information is kept synchronised between QWEST and CRM.


In September 2008, a new piece of legislation called the Financial Advisors Act was passed, effective from 1 July 2011. This requires among other things, the registration of individuals and companies who sell insurance or other financial products, and for those registered sellers of financial products the collection and retention of any advice given in relation to any financial product. For TOWER this included the sale of insurance and wealth management schemes (including Kiwisaver). Companies were now required to keep an ROCA (Record of Client Advice) for the life of the client relationship.

For TOWER to capture the ROCAs for all sales, this required two major changes. Firstly the inclusion of call scripting into the existing unscripted call centre environment, and a method for capturing those decisions in a recordable and presentable manner. TKDialogs was selected in order to achieve the above requirements.


The TKDialogs product was integrated with CRM 4.0 to allow users to launch a dialog from within CRM and stay on the CRM form. Once a dialog is launched, users are able to select from a range of products based on their FAA registration, where they proceed to ask and answer a series of pre-scripted questions relevant to the products selected. The initial dialog is split into distinct sub-dialogs for each product, allowing the user to cross-sell and up-sell at key points in the sales process. If the client drops the phone call, or decides to take some time to think about a proposal, the CRM user is able to save and resume partially completed conversations with the same client.

As a result of the sales conversation, an ROCA record is created in CRM against the client. This outlines the key products and in particular any instances where the client chooses a product that is different from that recommended by the sales agent. This allows new reporting and analysis to be undertaken by the call centre managers on conversations as they happened. At the conclusion of the sales call, a PDF ROCA record containing all questions and answered is generated and stored in a separate secured database, accessible from CRM. If the client has requested a copy of the ROCA record, this is automatically sent to the client.

All of the above was achieved with TKDialogs, utilising a combination of out of the box tools provided by Team Knowledge and custom C# extensions.

  • Legislative compliance
  • Reduction in staff training times
  • A consistent scripted client experience
  • Enhanced client experience with resumed conversations
  • Enhanced call centre conversation reporting
  • Scripted conversations that are maintainable by the business
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