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SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is a trusted source of support for serving personnel, veterans and their families in their time of need. In 2022 our trained teams of volunteers and employees helped more than 59,000 people, including veterans, serving personnel (regulars and reserves) and their families. Since 1885 we have provided welfare and wellbeing assistance that is tailored to our Armed Forces community. We know about the unique demands of service life, whether in the UK or overseas, and we continue to meet the demand for support to enable the entire Armed Forces family to thrive. SSAFA understands that behind every uniform is a person. And we are here for that person and their family, any time they need us and in any way they need us. More information can be found at

Having previously relied on Microsoft Dialogs, but the system being deprecated, the need for a suitable replacement arose.When evaluating the options available to them in 2018, TKDialogs emerged as a standout choice due to its capacity to fulfil their dialog-related requirements within the Dynamics environment, and importantly TKDialogs aligned seamlessly with the organisation’s specific requirements.

Prior to the implementation of TKDialogs, SSAFA’s fundamental challenge was related to data input. The organisation needed a more efficient way to input data on a single page in a simplified manner, especially when handling complex data interactions. The existing process proved to be inefficient, resulting in bottlenecks and the potential for errors in data management. To address this pain point and enhance operational efficiency, SSAFA identified the need for a more streamlined and intuitive solution.

During the consideration phase, certain reservations were acknowledged, chiefly concerning how well the solution would integrate within their existing infrastructure and the potential for user adoption. The successful adoption and utilisation of TKDialogs by the users emerged as critical factors that would determine the success of the implementation. These factors highlighted the importance of ensuring that the new system resonated effectively with users and became an integral component of their operational processes.

The onboarding journey for TKDialogs has been marked by its simplicity, resulting in a smooth and seamless integration and implementation process. The unwavering support provided throughout the onboarding phase was outstanding, ensuring a seamless transition for SSAFA.The user-friendly nature of TKDialogs played a pivotal role in the success of the onboarding journey, enabling the users to swiftly utilise the solution to its full potential. This expeditious adoption optimised operations and enhanced overall efficiency.

There were initially a few obstacles, notably around ADFS and dual authentication, but despite these early challenges, SSAFA’s implementation journey progressed well with the excellent support and guidance provided by the TKDialogs team. Once the initial hurdles were addressed, the implementation proceeded smoothly, enabling SSAFA to leverage the benefits of TKDialogs within their existing setup.

A standout example of the transformative impact TKDialogs has had on SSAFA’s operations is demonstrated by the Family Builder.  This feature significantly simplified the integration of new dialogs with existing ones, without TKDialogs and its no code capabilities, SSAFA would have had to invest significant time and resources into writing their own add-ins and Java code to achieve a similar outcome.

Another success story which demonstrates the power of TKDialogs is the implementation of an address updater, where the system can update multiple contact addresses based on family associations within a single Dialog. This functionality means that SSAFA can effectively reach out to their service users and can accurately report on the areas of high service engagement, thus facilitating informed decision-making.

The consensus at SSAFA is that TKDialogs delivers exactly what it promises. From a developer’s standpoint, its flowchart-like presentation which can be personalised to align with specific business requirements holds great value. The ability to theme so users can modify colours and the look and feel of each screen to match their branding guidelines is incredibly useful. In addition, TKDialogs enabling users to automate progression to the next page when required significantly contributes to user engagement and a seamless navigation experience.

TKDialogs provided steadfast support and valuable resources to SSAFA during the implementation phase, and this was pivotal in addressing complex development challenges, especially during the creation of the Family Builder. This support ensured the tool aligned perfectly with SSAFA’s specific requirements, allowing it to function optimally.

Post-implementation, the valuable guidance and support from TKDialogs remains a cornerstone of the success story. Their responsiveness and flexibility in arranging calls for more complex queries have proven invaluable.  Regular catchups between SSAFA and TKDialogs are an essential platform, as they allow the time and space in an increasingly busy workplace to dedicate to raising any concerns and nurture a positive professional relationship.

In summary, TKDialogs has ignited a transformative journey for SSAFA. With its versatility and user-friendly interface, they have been able to optimise their operations and it has enabled them to provide a superior customer experience making it an indispensable asset in achieving their business objectives.

The integration of TKDialogs has had a profound impact in SSAFA’s business processes and operational landscape. Before TKDialogs, SSAFA didn’t have a solution that aligned with their specific requirements. However, once deployed, TKDialogs proved to be a perfect fit, meeting their needs as it provided a user-friendly interface coupled with clear instructions for data entry which streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

SSAFA have found working with TKDialogs to be an enriching experience, amplifying their development capabilities, and boosting their operations through invaluable support. Having the ability to configure TKDialogs in a user-centric manner facilitated its full utilisation, while the collaboration with TKDialogs ensured a seamless user experience and operational optimisation.

The impact of TKDialogs extends to liberating SSAFA’s team from exhaustive documentation solely for the purpose of fulfilling business reporting needs.

This shift allows greater focus on frontline work, and they have seen a significant reduction in data errors, which has provided a more accurate and reliable data management solution. TKDialogs has become an indispensable asset, which has transformed their business processes and enabled SSAFA to achieve higher levels of productivity and operational excellence.

TKDialogs has played a key role in streamlining SSAFA’s business processes, enhancing their overall productivity as crucial data input is done with utmost efficiency. With the automation of the data input process, TKDialogs has substantially reduced the time spent on manual data entry tasks, empowering SSAFA to channel resources toward customer service and core business objectives.

Quantifiable ROI and cost savings are apparent through TKDialogs impact on development time. Where standard development would have required four months of dedicated work from a developer, TKDialogs completed the same task in only two weeks, which translates to an initial cost reduction of approximately £12,000, based on consultancy charges.

Furthermore, TKDialogs brings sustained advantages. The seamless knowledge transfer and collaboration it brings avert technical debt, as anyone can easily pick up and work with the current framework. This ease of transition and adaptability underscores the substantial value that TKDialogs brings, not only in immediate cost-effectiveness but also in fostering continuous innovation.

SSAFA would wholeheartedly endorse TKDialogs to other businesses, grounded in its user-friendliness, broad capabilities, and outstanding support.

The intuitive interface and straightforward functionality accommodate various skill levels across different teams. Flexibility lies at the core of TKDialogs, empowering personalised solutions that align with specific organisational needs, optimising processes and driving efficiencies.

The recommendation finds foundation in the outstanding support and guidance provided by the TKDialogs team, from implementation to continuous usage and beyond. In summary, the combination of versatile capabilities, user-friendliness, and first-class support positions TKDialogs as a transformative solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and effective goal attainment.

Contributors: Christina Jewell, Dynamics 365 CRM Analyst & Paul Smith, Business Systems and Integration Analyst
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