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Lewisham Council

London Borough of Lewisham Council serves a large online user base of approximately 180,000 users every month. Their website caters to a diverse range of user requests, including housing payments, refuse collection and registration services, and receives an estimated 375,000 web visits per month. In addition to the website, the Council also offers a contact centre providing similar support services to its community.
Each month, London Borough of Lewisham Council were faced with increasingly high call volumes and website requests. The existing processes were no longer able to sustain the required service levels for these volumes, leading them to search for a solution to provide operational efficiencies. The Council also aimed to update its Dynamics CRM to the latest cloud-based version, including prioritising the integration of the CRM with other systems. To achieve these goals, the Council required a comprehensive, long-term solution that would save time and money, streamline internal processes, and improve the overall user experience. TKDialogs were identified as a market-leader for creating and deploying custom user interfaces and an ideal partner to assist Lewisham Borough Council in overcoming these challenges.
TKDialogs provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by London Borough of Lewisham Council. One of the significant advantages of utilising TKDialogs was its capability to support the Councils transition to a cloud-based Dynamics CRM. Additionally, TKDialogs enabled the Council to develop self-service pages on their main website and contact centre scripts for all of their internal services and departments, resulting in a smooth and effortless user experience that has significantly boosted customer satisfaction. This has resulted in increased operational efficiency and has reduced training time for new employees within their contact centre.
London Borough of Lewisham Council partnered with TKDialogs and using its no-code platform, they have successfully integrated TKDialogs forms and contact centre scripts with their existing systems, including CRM Dynamics 365, a third party product that checks the address is within the Lewisham district and the Capita payment portal. This integration has facilitated the Council's migration to a cloud-based Dynamics, providing a comprehensive solution to their challenges.

TKDialogs no-code solution has enabled business analysts within the Council to create more than 100 active Dialogs, each customised to meet the unique requirements of different departments and residents. For example, housing tenants can pay their rent, apply for an HMO licence, report a change of circumstances online using a straight-forward process without the need for further investigation. These Dialogs have been utilised for both contact centre and website engagement, improving the user experience and overall customer satisfaction. 
The time saved using TKDialogs can be used more effectively on other work, cutting overall costs. The online registrar’s processes have also freed up 2 full-time resources, income generated has increased and substantial operational savings have been achieved. The new system has been extremely successful for Lewisham Borough Council, in some cases saving up to five hours processing time.

The result was a seamless user experience that increased efficiency, reduced training time for new contact centre staff, and improved customer satisfaction. The TKDialogs solution also integrated seamlessly with other systems used by the Council, such as the Capita Payment Portal.  

This case study showcases how TKDialogs no-code platform can help businesses streamline their processes, improve customer services, and reduce training time for new staff. By tailoring self-service pages and contact centre scripts to the specific needs of different departments and customers, businesses can improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction. The seamless integration with other systems also makes it easier to manage multiple channels and streamline workflows. 
Peter Searle, CRM Development Manager of Lewisham Council said, ‘We are very pleased with TKDialogs and the great support we receive from Pete and Ian in the technical support team. We would recommend it to any organisation, especially those in the public sector, who are looking to save development time and costs with a no-code solution.’
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