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Centene Corporation

Centene is a US-based managed care services provider exclusively for government sponsored health care programs, primarily focusing on Medicaid and Medicare. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Centene offers a variety of health plans designed for families, children, the aged, blind, and disabled, as well as prescription drug plans. As of March 31, 2023, they have served 28+ million members and have more than 67,000 employees.

Before the implementation of TKDialogs, Centene faced several key challenges and pain points while seeking to enhance the technology used by their large team of customer service representatives who were handling a high volume of calls from multiple locations across the world. The agents were required to verify caller information, address customer queries, provide coverage details, and assist the customer in locating a physician. One of the major hurdles was that the agents did not have guided experience and they relied heavily on documented step actions which were available within SharePoint. This manual and fragmented approach resulted in inefficiencies and potential errors in the customer support process with agents often having to navigate through various documents to find the relevant information, which meant longer resolution times and an inefficient customer experience.

These challenges prompted Centene to seek a solution that would provide a more streamlined user experience for their call centre agents. Their original goal was that they required a knowledge management solution, but it soon became clear that their needs could be better served with a dedicated call centre solution.

Their main objective was to ensure their agents had a tool that had the ability to track training and step actions to ensure that they were able to deliver prompt and accurate support to their customers.

TKDialogs has allowed Centene to address their customer service challenges and ensure they were able to achieve their business goals.With the new solution in place, they aimed to improve the efficiency of their call centre operations, enhance customer interactions, and ultimately elevate the overall customer experience to new levels.

Solution There has been a significant impact on Centene’s business processes and operations following the implementation of TKDialogs into the business. By leveraging the power of TKDialogs, Centene experienced a significant streamlining of their workflows, which in turn has seen a substantial reduction in the number of manual errors throughout their customer support operation. In addition, TKDialogs has played a vital role in improving the efficiency and productivity of their agents. With its user-friendly interface providing the agents with step-by-step guides through complex processes Centene have seen a decrease in agent training time as there is no longer a need for extensive training on multiple systems. With the seamless integration capabilities of TKDialogs, the system has eliminated the need for agents to constantly switch between different applications, which in turn has reduced the time wasted on “swivel chair” activities so they can focus on their customers’ needs.

TKDialogs also played a vital role enabling Centene to better serve their customers and achieve their business objectives by allowing customisation of PCP changes to match their business requirements.

This has resulted in a substantial reduction in errors and ensured that Centene is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements which has not only improved their overall efficiency but has also enhanced their ability to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Centene feel one of the most valued features of TKDialogs lies in its powerful TK Builder, which offers a visual representation of the call flow which provides the team with a thorough overview of the design and error handling within the call flow. With its intuitive interface and visual representation, it ensures seamless customer interactions with a smooth and uninterrupted call experience for everyone elevating customer satisfaction and contributing to operational efficiency.

Not only has TKDialogs helped to improve efficiency and productivity with its agents, but it has also contributed to a sizeable reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) for Centene. With the guided experience and all information easily accessible within TKDialogs their agents can handle customer enquiries more effectively which means faster call resolutions which has resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Throughout the journey, the TKDialogs support team has always been responsive and reliable, quickly resolving any queries raised.Their commitment to providing timely and effective support has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless experience with TKDialogs, fostering a successful partnership between Centene and Team Knowledge.

Overall, the collaboration between Centene and Team Knowledge demonstrates how effective solutions can be delivered to solve critical problems in the Healthcare industry. TKDialogs’ has had a significant impact on Centene’s business processes and customer support operations by streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Centene has reaped significant and tangible benefits following the implementation of TKDialogs which has transformed various aspects of their operations and customer support processes. TKDialogs’ integration has streamlined Centene’s business processes, resulting in a substantial reduction in manual errors and increased productivity of their agents. In addition, Centene have seen a notable improvement in first call resolution rates, which has resulted in a more efficient and satisfactory customer experience.

Centene’s experience with TKDialogs has been marked by the exceptional support and resources, both throughout the implementation of TKDialogs and beyond. The alliance with Team Knowledge has been characterised by a high level of responsiveness and adaptability, tailored to meet Centene’s specific requirements and align with their business roadmap. TKDialogs has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to understanding Centene’s specific needs, a key factor contributing to the successful resolution of the organisations challenges, further strengthening the partnership.

In summary, TKDialogs’ partnership with Centene has been transformative, bringing significant benefits throughout the implementation process and becoming an integral part of their daily operations. TKDialogs’ unwavering commitment to understanding Centene’s needs and incorporating changes in line with the company’s roadmap has played a pivotal role in the success of the collaboration. As a committed and supportive partner, TKDialogs continues to provide valuable resources, strengthening the fruitful alliance between Centene and Team Knowledge, leading to continued growth and success.

Contributors: Lilly Dang, Snr Director, Information Technology
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