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Phase 1: outbound call efficiency project
The initial project to implement the TKDialogs call scripting tool involved creating a user interface to guide customer service agents through their outbound call activities. The TKDialogs call scripts provide a simplified user interface to ensure speedy and consistent data entry, eliminating the requirement for agents to switch between multiple entity forms and tabs in CRM.

The project delivered the following benefits:

1. Reduction in time required to process a sales call
  • Removing the need for the agent to manually check multiple data sources prior to and during the patient call.
  • Automatically presenting the agent with delivery days.
  • Removing the need for the agent to amend narratives or create phone call activities.
  • ‘No contact’ letters can now be produced in two clicks rather than a lengthy manual mail merge.
  • Automating the creation of patient reminders in a fraction of the time taken in the CRM UI.
2. Timings are available to track call durations and all associated activities.
3. All of the information required by customer services is available in a single view.

Phase 2: order raising efficiency project
The success of Phase 1 scripting gave the green light to implement the next stage in the scripting journey: order raising efficiency.

Phase 2 sees the automated raising of the Sage orders, once confirmed through the customer services script. The objective for this phase was to provide further standardization and simplification of the process for confirming patient delivery requirements, and raising the Sage order.

The project delivered the following benefits:

1. Fewer applications used on the customer services desktop.
2. Eliminates the need for synchronization to occur before an order is raised.
3. Data quality improvements through elimination of double-keying.
4. Provides the basis for future improvements to the instalment grid.
5. Reduction in time required to process a call
  • Removes the need to switch into SAGE following a call.
  • Removes double keying of details into SAGE and CRM.
  • Inbound calls resulting in order confirmations automatically generate the order instead of double handling the event.
  • Orders are raised immediately with no need to confirm and separately raise the order.
The project delivery was extremely successful, achieving all project key performance indicators as it was delivered on time, to budget and to scope within the designated therapy areas. Early indications show that the solution is driving the benefits required and a more formal benefits assessment is scheduled within the project plan to fully identify the benefits realised through the project.

Phase 3: prescription efficiency project
Based on the successful adoption of Phase 2 and the savings realised to date, the third phase has now been approved. Currently at the requirements definition phase, the solution aims to revolutionise the way in which the business processes prescriptions. This will be another key business efficiency project and also a significant step towards the vision of e-prescribing.
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