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Meet Pete

  • How long have you worked for TKDialogs?
  • I’ve been at TKDialogs since the company started in 2002. A few members of the team had previously worked together for a company developing ERP systems in the retail industry and we saw an opportunity to develop a new type of software tool, initially intended for use in the Local Government sector.
  • And how long have you been in the software industry?
  • I’ve been working in the software development industry since I graduated from Leicester University with a 1st in Maths and Computing in 1983, initially developing real-time process control systems for use in aerospace, rail transport and nuclear fuels.
  • What is your role at TKDialogs?
  • I’m the Product Manager for the TKDialogs software. This means ensuring customer deployments run smoothly and that we’re able to satisfy our clients’ on-going support needs. Behind the scenes, we’re continually working to improve the software: specifying new requirements for our development team as well as testing and documenting new product releases.
  • What are the biggest industry changes you’ve seen during your time at TKDialogs?
  • I suppose the biggest change in recent years has been the move from clients having their own on-premise software deployments to cloud hosting services, such as Azure. We have ensured TKDialogs continues to work across a wide range of CRM platforms.
  • What do TKDialogs do differently that other companies don’t?
  • Not “differently” as such, but we pride ourselves on the quality of our support service, and this is something that is consistently commented on by our clients and channel partners as outstanding.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced? (work wise)
  • As software technologies evolve, one of our constant challenges is to balance the desire to add new product features with the objective of retaining backwards compatibility. Many of our clients have been developing TKDialogs applications since the early days of the product and it’s particularly important for them to be able to upgrade the TKDialogs software without having to rewrite their applications.
  • What are you passionate about? (work wise)
  • The great thing about TKDialogs is that our clients use the software to create such wide-ranging applications: from managing housing repairs in England via a call-centre to reporting faulty parking meters with mobile phones in Australia. And in the US, we have clients processing healthcare claims in Florida, whilst another uses TKDialogs to measure and evaluate offender admissions in California jails. Each of our clients is unique and it’s great to be able to gain an insight into their worlds, while we work out how best TKDialogs can satisfy their business requirements.
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